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Tired of the same boring web pages you’ve been looking at for the past 10 years? Are you looking to leverage rich graphics and media for a modern user experience? Microsoft Silverlight is the answer.

Silverlight delivers “engaging, interactive user experiences wherever the web works”. Silverlight applications can run on any operating system (Windows, Mac, and Linux), making it a perfect choice for reaching a wide audience. Take advantage of features such as Deep Zoom and Pivot to view data in new and interesting ways. Silverlight’s HD quality media streaming capability are a great way to integrate video and audio into your applications.

Find out more on the Silverlight FAQ page. Then call us to find out how you can start using the power of Silverlight in your web sites and applications.

Advantages of Silverlight:
• Engaging, interactive user experiences wherever the web works
• Free platform independent development platform
• HD quality streaming
• Rich UI with advanced Deep Zoom and Pivot
• Hardware accelerated
• Multitouch support
• Runs natively on Windows Phone 7 for easy mobile reuse

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